Cardigan Trial #1 – Baby Size!

Well I’ve done it. I’ve finally made a garment that isn’t a hat or a scarf!

Though before that, How’d you like the new look?! I’ve been thinking of redecorating for a while but it took me some time finding the right look. I hope you all approve!

I also have a new category, “The Crazy Days of Katie Betty”, where I’ll be writing a bit of a journal type thing about my life with Anxiety and Depression, as a member of the LGBT+ community, and trying to work out my place on on the political landscape. I often (inadvertently) do hilarious things so head over and have a chuckle ;). On a serious note, though, I thought it would be great to have an outlet and as I feel good when I write I thought I’d give that a shot.

Now, to crafts!

I’ve been wanting to make a wearable garment for a while and thought it best to make a small version just to test out. My mum had a 200g ball of white DK from another project, and I had some 25g balls of DK in pastel shades from making Pom Poms so I thought I’d use what I already had around and this is what I got…


Adorable, no?

I decided to stay away from common gender based baby colours and went for pretty pastels and a range of shades. This is all done from yarn I already had lying around, as I mentioned before. 4 balls of 25g toy yarn in various colours, and  I only used 100g of the 200g ball of white, should you wish to replicate! I used this pattern I found on Pinterest and omitted the hood because I panicked I wouldn’t have enough Peach to complete a full round of stripes! To create a collar I just did a round of double crochet around the upper edge, then a around of treble crochet using an increase of *2stitches in one, 1stitch in one* then continued until the end and tied off.


Well I hope you like! It’s taken me so long to do I’m just hoping it still fits my niece!

I have a BIG crochet project on going at the moment which I can’t discuss too much as it’s a gift for someone. All I can say is that it’s a Granny Square Blanket, but be sure I’ll write it up as soon as I can!


Craft or Glory Kiddos!

Katie Betty x


KB is back in town!

Hey everyone!

Well a big fresh start is coming soon! I thought that a new start most certainly should include a new look so keep an eye out for the New and Improved Katie Betty Blog. A new section will soon be added, too, to the blog so keep your eyes  peeled for that as well!

Soon I’ll have a post for the Crochet Diaries but in the mean time, here’s my most recent make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. I used this as an opportunity to try out a new seam binding technique as I felt that that’s where my sewing skills were lacking. I think it went well but I want to know what you think!

Craft or Glory, Gang!

The Soon to be All New Katie B

Minerva Network Post Number Two!! aka THE BIG PROJECT!

Yes, it’s that time again. My Second Post for the Minerva Blogger Network. A Thrifty New Year Project for my Crafty Crafters.

Followers of my Crochet Diaries will know this is where all my practicing over Christmas has lead, and it’s my First Real Crochet Make, from a pattern and everything!

Click here to be taken to the Katie Betty MyBoshi Beanie Tutorial!

Craft or Glory!

Katie B x

Minerva CraftsMinerva Crafts Blogger Network

I’m Hooked!

Well, Christmas was certainly fun packed! I managed to rock out two scarves for Christmas presents! Admittedly my first left a little to be desired tension wise, but it was a tad adventurous for my first hooking dalliance. I made a T.A.R.D.I.S.  scarf for a dear friend, and wondered how hard it could really be. Long piece of blue, two pieces of white at either end, then two small pieces of blue to finish! Brilliant, except when you inadvertently buy two different thickness of yarn (doh!) Lesson One- Always read the label carefully. Luckily, I’d treated myself to a multi-pack of crochet hooks from Prym so I was able to go up a size for the Blue Chunky Yarn, then go one down on the Super Chunky to get them to match (crochet maths is quite easy :D).

I’d looked to an AMAZING site called All Free Crochet, and it really is a Ronseal site. Does exactly what it says on the tin! The tutorials I posted in my last Diary entry were from AFC and after spending, literally, hours pouring through their various links I really have fallen in love with crocheting. It is through them that I got the idea for, what turned out to be my masterpiece! A football bar scarf with a twist for my beloved! Now he’s received it, I can show it to you all!


I went for the classic Sunderland A.F.C. colours of Red and White, but to give it a retro feel I opted for an off white “Champagne”. I think it really adds to it!

Using a 15mm hook and my King Cole Big Value Super Chunky in Wine Red, I chained 11 and single crocheted (sc) up from there, basically until I ran out of yarn, hehe. Then, I took my off-white and sc onto the long edge of the red, and worked the length of the scarf as opposed to the width. The stitches will be perpendicular to each other, but I really like the look of it :D. My hubby-to-be loved the a-symmetry of the White to Red I created, and he says it’s the warmest thing ever! A testament to the Yarn quality as much as anything.

This only took 2 Balls in total, but you could really bulk it out if you wanted with 3 or 4!

Throughout my practicing I have found King Cole is a great yarn company to go for. They have a great value range which is amazing quality, and it averages around £2.50-£4 for a 100g ball, which as a Craft Store insider I can tell you now, is very good!

My next Crochet post will be exciting, as it’s my BIG project! Working from a pattern, with multiple stitches. I’m excited, I’m not going to lie and hopefully you’ll be able to crochet along with me!

Until next time, my friends

Craft or Glory!

Katie Betty

Credit Where Credit’s Due:

Idea adapted from All Free Crochet Little Man Scarf

Vicki and Annette, for not getting bored of all my little questions ^_^

B.C.-Before Crocheting!

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to my Crochet Diaries! A section of my blog dedicated chronicaling my learning to crochet, which will lead to The Big Project! But that’s a story for another time.

Let’s start at the beginning. All good stories start there. My previous ventures in yarn based crafts, as my dear mother can testify to, weren’t too pleasant. I couldn’t make a pom-pom without donating £20 to the swear jar first! Then I was inspired at work to learn to crochet. I said I’d start in the new year (this was in October). Then I saw it. MyBoshi. Two German guys in a rural Japanese Ski Lodge get bored and get taught to crochet by an old lady. They go home, and make a brand of it, you couldn’t make it up (“Boshi” is beanie in Japanese)! They shades are SPECTACULAR, seriously. You can order one to be made for you on their website, or you can get the supplies to make your own. So lets just say by November the 10th I was at the counter at work buying a hook and yarn.

As a personal early Christmas present, I treated myself to the MyBoshi branded crochet hook (6mm) for £1.99, but you can pick standard crochet hooks up from just  0.99p! I picked up a budget 50g ball of Double Knit (DK) yarn for 0.89p, but learn from my mistake. BUY. CHUNKY! Chunky yarn is better suited to a 6mm hook anyway, but it also makes it easier to learn where to put the hook, and help you develop your finger work. (side note-DK yarn would be best used with 3-4mm needle I’ve been advised).

Then, it was on to YouTube to find a tutorial. I would highly recommend this video, as it is the most well explained I’ve found, by far.

part one-

part two-

Thus began the practicing. Yes I said practicing! Anyone who knows me knows, and as you will soon learn,  I don’t practice. I’m one of those annoying people who can kind of just pick some things up as I go, but here some things that require practice, and even I admitted I needed practice with this. I’d already decided I’d be making Christmas scarves for people, so there was no way I was using my £5.99 King Cole Krystal straight away! (to justify the pennies, they’re 100g balls and one ball makes one chunky scarf. Makes money sense now, doesn’t it :P). So a couple of “ooh!” and “ow!” cries and 2 days later, I had a few crocheted squares dotted about my coffee table. Lining them up you can see my progression. My first few looked like fans as I learnt tension and loosened up my chain stitches et c.. Then, I practiced with a Chunky yarn at scarf width, seeing if I could actually keep 20 or so stitches continuously! So now it’s Day 5 and I’m using a 9mm crochet hook with my King Cole Krystal yarn! In total, I’d say I’ve put in 10-13hrs. Not long really! You could crack the basics in a weekend, easily. Plus, if you’re like me and like pretty quick results, you can see your progress pretty quickly, as opposed to knitting.

That’s all for now folks! I’ve just started one christmas present, so we’ll see how it goes!

Don’t forget to check out my regular craft posts, and see you next time.

Katie B x

As you can see, they left a little to be desired in the beginning!
As you can see, they left a little to be desired in the beginning!
Proudly displaying my first real Square!
Proudly displaying my first real Square!