Cardigan Trial #1 – Baby Size!

Well I’ve done it. I’ve finally made a garment that isn’t a hat or a scarf!

Though before that, How’d you like the new look?! I’ve been thinking of redecorating for a while but it took me some time finding the right look. I hope you all approve!

I also have a new category, “The Crazy Days of Katie Betty”, where I’ll be writing a bit of a journal type thing about my life with Anxiety and Depression, as a member of the LGBT+ community, and trying to work out my place on on the political landscape. I often (inadvertently) do hilarious things so head over and have a chuckle ;). On a serious note, though, I thought it would be great to have an outlet and as I feel good when I write I thought I’d give that a shot.

Now, to crafts!

I’ve been wanting to make a wearable garment for a while and thought it best to make a small version just to test out. My mum had a 200g ball of white DK from another project, and I had some 25g balls of DK in pastel shades from making Pom Poms so I thought I’d use what I already had around and this is what I got…


Adorable, no?

I decided to stay away from common gender based baby colours and went for pretty pastels and a range of shades. This is all done from yarn I already had lying around, as I mentioned before. 4 balls of 25g toy yarn in various colours, and  I only used 100g of the 200g ball of white, should you wish to replicate! I used this pattern I found on Pinterest and omitted the hood because I panicked I wouldn’t have enough Peach to complete a full round of stripes! To create a collar I just did a round of double crochet around the upper edge, then a around of treble crochet using an increase of *2stitches in one, 1stitch in one* then continued until the end and tied off.


Well I hope you like! It’s taken me so long to do I’m just hoping it still fits my niece!

I have a BIG crochet project on going at the moment which I can’t discuss too much as it’s a gift for someone. All I can say is that it’s a Granny Square Blanket, but be sure I’ll write it up as soon as I can!


Craft or Glory Kiddos!

Katie Betty x


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