My First Full Cosplay – McCalls 7217

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been a bit quiet for a while but wowee have I got some lovely makes to share. I’ve got my Sew my Suitcase round up, and a whopper of a post to go in the Crochet Diaries, as well as some lovely Minerva Blogger Network makes. First, however, I have my pride and joy to share! My first full cosplay.

I decided (in my infinite wisdom) to go for one of the sexiest women in Hollywood as one of the most dangerous Femme Fatales, The Black Widow!

No pressure then! It’s quite a simple cosplay, in that it’s a number of basic features brought together to make one amazing outfit. This is how it turned out…


…and this is how I did it! I broke the cosplay down is down as follows;

  • Bodysuit
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. logos for arms
  • Ammo Bracelets
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Belt and Logo Buckle
  • Weapons belt
    • Weapons
  • Boots
Keeping the street of Blackpool safe with Goku!

Starting at the bottom and working up, I already had black boots I could wear. For the weapons, they’re spray painted water pistols! Not high tech, but boy did they do the job! The weapons belt is Polypropylene Wedding, and Luggage Strap Buckles.

weapons belt

For the waistband and  I used 40 mm webbing with a 40 mm Buckle. The straight straps and leg straps were 20 mm webbing with  20 mm buckles to secure the leg straps around my thighs. As you can see it’s a pretty straight forward make up and was really easy to size. I just measured around my waist for the 40 mm, and for the 20 mm I measured around my thighs and how low I’d want them to sit and rounded up for wiggle room. I made each loop adjustable for comfort so I ended up rounding up by about a metre. The only thing that had set sizes were the long straps down the side and the small loops I made with left over 40 mm webbing for the pistols to sit in.

Meeting Doctor #1…sort of ha

An interesting stylistic point is that the left leg a) has two leg straps and b) sits lower than the right.

Casually getting beaten up by The Crimson Bolt!
Casually getting beaten up by The Crimson Bolt!

For the belt I also used 40 mm strapping and a 40 mm buckle. I used a silver marker to draw on a minimalistic logo, but I’m definitely investing in a full buckle for the future!

My fingerless gloves are some cheap motocross gloves I bought ages ago when I started motorcycling again. Cut the fingers off and spray painted them black! The padding and such made them look really good.


The ammo bracelets are made from bendy hair rollers with the wire removed, cut, and glued to a loop of thick black elastic. My original idea was to use toy ammo belts spray painted back but I’ d have to get them online and I left it a bit late 😉

I made the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo with T-Shirt transfer paper and Calico. The rough texture of the Calico made the patch look more embroidered.

Now onto the pride of my costume, the bodysuit!


I used McCalls 7217, designed by Cosplayer Yaya Han. Using View D (with the 22″ black zip in the front instead of a back) I omitted the contrasts using Black Scuba Fabric throughout. I also didn’t use the stirrups at the base of the legs, which worked out well for me in this case but if I made it again I think I’d definitely lengthen the legs and use them! The pattern also had a high neck collar, which is perfect for the look I was going for.

bumped into Rita Repulsa! Where are the Power Rangers when you need them?!

Had so much fun making this costume up, and it’s certainly a work in progress for Halloween!  People at work are expecting me to wear this work…o dear!

Met the man, now the machine!

 So that was my first big Cosplay. I entered the competition but had to leave before they announced the winner. Looking at some of the entrants I highly doubt I would have placed, let alone won! I’m nor even mad, though, because I’m really proud of my make, and my partner thought I looked “Amazing” so that’s good enough for me ^_^

I’ll be back soon with a Minerva make, but until then…

Keep Crafting!

Katie B xo


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