The Lazy Betty Infinity Dress

Weeeeeeell it’s October, and it’s time for another Minerva make!

This tutorial may seem a little out of season, but not when you know I’m travelling to Australia in 3 weeks!

I’m certainly back to my frugal roots with another first this month. My first ever DRESS! Now before we all get ahead of ourselves, don’t worry I haven’t become a master seamstress overnight, nor have I been crafting behind your backs and not kept you informed! This idea came from a customer who rang and asked if I’d ever heard of the Two Birds bridal dress. I hadn’t, and a quick Google scan showed me the best dresses I’d ever seen. Commonly referred to as the Infinity Dress, or the Convertible Dress, this wonder garment really does what it says on the tin. All it is is a circle skirt with very long straps which are attached at the front of the skirt which are then wrapped around your torso to create the bodice, much like a Sari. What sold it for me was the fact there is no hemming at all. Na da. Zilch! Due to the nature of the dress it is made from an all way stretch material, more often than not jersey, which doesn’t fray. Also, if you want to be a real clever clog, some tutorials show you can do it in one seam. One. Seam! So Ladies and Gentlemen I present…

The Lazy Betty Infinity Dress!


Craft for Glory,

Katie B xo


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