Ta-Da! Minerva Make Number 3

Hello There You Crafty Lot!

Well, what a 2014 it’s been so far. Nearly breaking my shoulder was a personal highlight, along with moving house, shifting job roles, furthering my role for a TOP vintage store (www.myvintage.co.uk), assisting with the BIG Minerva Meet Up, turning 25! It really has been all go at K.B.H.Q..So it makes me very happy to finally put on this post for the legendary Blogger Network, my

University Outfitters Duffle Bag!!

This is a few firsts, first time working from a pattern, first time installing a zip, first time working with satin! Lots of firsts but very fun 😀

I never make New Years Resolutions, but I have made a Mid-Year pledge! So there are going to be more VERY exciting posts to come VERY soon! Lots of things planned for you lovely people, including one for all you parents!

Stay Tuned Crafters,

Craft or Glory!

Katie Betty x


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