Well, That Happened!

Hello readers!

Well, what a hiatus I’ve had. I had so many projects to get done and posted for you, I’ve been so excited! Then I took a tumble at Manchester Piccadilly station and nearly broke my shoulder D: ! I couldn’t type let alone fabrics and sewing machines. I’ve not known what to do with myself. I had a lot of support around me from my family and my work (Minerva Crafts ❤!) and I’ve been researching. Lots of internet surfing and warehouse browsing to find some of the best picks! 

My latest bargain love are these Pre-Printed Skirt Panels we have just got in. A pure bargain at £2.99 per panel! Depending on your size, you could get away with one panel, though I’d personally go for two to be safe. You can easily make a beautiful skirt for under a tenner, and if you already have a stash of threads and elastic, around a fiver! You can’t really go wrong. The lovely Annette has done a blog post on making up one of these skirts. It’s really nifty and something I’ll definitely be trying myself, as it’s a really easy way to whip up my long desired circle skirt! Readers will see it has the same basic principle as my Liberty Skater Skirt, and we all know how easy that is!

So keep your eye out for a post on that skirt, and also my latest Minerva Blog Post (which was postponed due to my acrobatics :P)

Keep Calm and Craft on you Thrifty Lot!

Craft or Glory

Katie B x



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