I’m Hooked!

Well, Christmas was certainly fun packed! I managed to rock out two scarves for Christmas presents! Admittedly my first left a little to be desired tension wise, but it was a tad adventurous for my first hooking dalliance. I made a T.A.R.D.I.S.  scarf for a dear friend, and wondered how hard it could really be. Long piece of blue, two pieces of white at either end, then two small pieces of blue to finish! Brilliant, except when you inadvertently buy two different thickness of yarn (doh!) Lesson One- Always read the label carefully. Luckily, I’d treated myself to a multi-pack of crochet hooks from Prym so I was able to go up a size for the Blue Chunky Yarn, then go one down on the Super Chunky to get them to match (crochet maths is quite easy :D).

I’d looked to an AMAZING site called All Free Crochet, and it really is a Ronseal site. Does exactly what it says on the tin! The tutorials I posted in my last Diary entry were from AFC and after spending, literally, hours pouring through their various links I really have fallen in love with crocheting. It is through them that I got the idea for, what turned out to be my masterpiece! A football bar scarf with a twist for my beloved! Now he’s received it, I can show it to you all!


I went for the classic Sunderland A.F.C. colours of Red and White, but to give it a retro feel I opted for an off white “Champagne”. I think it really adds to it!

Using a 15mm hook and my King Cole Big Value Super Chunky in Wine Red, I chained 11 and single crocheted (sc) up from there, basically until I ran out of yarn, hehe. Then, I took my off-white and sc onto the long edge of the red, and worked the length of the scarf as opposed to the width. The stitches will be perpendicular to each other, but I really like the look of it :D. My hubby-to-be loved the a-symmetry of the White to Red I created, and he says it’s the warmest thing ever! A testament to the Yarn quality as much as anything.

This only took 2 Balls in total, but you could really bulk it out if you wanted with 3 or 4!

Throughout my practicing I have found King Cole is a great yarn company to go for. They have a great value range which is amazing quality, and it averages around £2.50-£4 for a 100g ball, which as a Craft Store insider I can tell you now, is very good!

My next Crochet post will be exciting, as it’s my BIG project! Working from a pattern, with multiple stitches. I’m excited, I’m not going to lie and hopefully you’ll be able to crochet along with me!

Until next time, my friends

Craft or Glory!

Katie Betty

Credit Where Credit’s Due:

Idea adapted from All Free Crochet Little Man Scarf

Vicki and Annette, for not getting bored of all my little questions ^_^


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