A Little Review

Good Afternoon All!

Well, Christmas has certainly crept up on me this year! So many present ideas, and sew little time! Apologies for the week off, but this week is going to be ram packed with tutorials in anticipation of Christmas and, of course,The Great British Sewing Bee Christmas Special on Sunday 15th December!

In light of this, I thought I’d write a review on the Hemline Mini Sewing Machine!

Now I picked up this little machine as an emergency replacement, as my regular machine gave up the ghost mid project! Luckily, the order didn’t call for anything drastic so I threw caution to the wind and picked it up and was going to sell it once I’d done with it.

I was skeptical, very skeptical, but oh how wrong I was proven! It is, most definitely, the perfect starter/emergency machine.

It very compact, and does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak. It has two speeds, so you don’t need to worry about your projects running away with you (great for teaching children and beginners). The sewing area is well lit, and it can be run by mains or battery, perfect for taking away with you to craft fairs or the caravan (or some such). It does one basic straight stitch, and it doesn’t reverse, but if you’re only hemming trousers or whipping up a cushion cover, does it really need to? Comes complete with easy to read instructions, upper and lower spools pre-wound with white and black thread, and it has a spool threading function, too. The best bit for me is that it all fits back into the original box again when not in use, much to my partner’s delight after I’ve commandeered his office for crafting purposes!

All this, for £30. Can’t really go wrong, can you?!

I really do love this little machine, and have no desire to sell it on as I had originally planned!

Speak soon my Crafty Crafters!

Craft or Glory!

Katie B x

p.s. Keep an eye out for some beginner tutorials,perfect for use on these small little starter machines!


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